image of FTC 2018 Official Website

FTC 2018 Official Website

HTML5 - SCSS - Bootstrap


NOTE: because the creator of this website changes each year, the URL of this website had to be changed back to the default github pages URL to preserve the code.

This project was an event website for one of CNH Circle K's largest events: Fall Training Conference. It's purpose was to generate interest for the event, as well as provide information on all logistics. This information included news updates, calendar events, FAQ, documentation, and more.


From September 1st 2018 to November 10th 2018 (event advertisement period) this site achieved 1,716 users and 7,836 pageviews according to Google Analytics.

My Role

My role in this project was to both design and code the website. Every week, I attended online meetings with the Fall Training Conference committee to discuss the event and gain feedback for my ideas and design. In addition, every other week, I attended online meetings with the FTC creative committee to discuss theme, colors, and graphics. After deciding on all these factors, I was to submit a mockup for approval and code the website to match its specifications.

Proper CNH Circle K graphic standards were followed to represent the organization's branding. This involved adding the CNH Circle K's masthead to the home page and making sure the logos were not distorted in any way.