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Carl Dungca

Front-End Web Developer

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Waker is a planning app designed to easily set and modify morning routines. This was my first project made with React and also my first time utilizing third party libraries.


I built this app because I was wasting a lot of paper and ink planning out my mornings every day. I was writing the same tasks over and over, but in different orders. I wanted a way to make daily planning easier, so I brainstormed ideas for a modular to-do list.

Key Features

  • Filterable list
  • Drag, drop, delete and drag-sort task items (ReactDnD)
  • Increase and decrease the time intervals of tasks
  • Validation: No tasks less than 30min and checks if schedule is fully booked
  • Schedule saves to localStorage

FTC 2018 Official Website


This project was an event website for one of CNH Circle K's largest events: Fall Training Conference. Proper CNH Circle K graphic standards were followed to represent the brand. This involved adding the Circle K's masthead to the home page and making sure the logos were not distorted in any way.

Breakfast Restaurant Website


This website is a promotional website for a made-up restaurant. To keep the code clean and modern, I utilized semantic HTML tags, CSS grid and flexbox, and SASS. Before coding this website, I also took the time to talk to peers about restaurant website frustrations, and created wireframes and mockups.

UCSD Circle K's club website (2018-2019)


For this project, I managed the front-end portion of the website for the 2018-2019 club board term. I implemented a responsive design, a galaxy theme, and kept all information up to date.

STC 2019 Official Website


This project was an event website for CNH Circle K's Spring Training Conference North and South. To keep the CSS manageable, I utilized BEM methodology to organize my stylesheets.